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Cyrtomium (sir-TOE-mee-um)

Common Name:  Holly fern

Light:  - Part shade to full shade

Soil:  Rich, moist but well-drained and well aerated

Moisture:  Average

Zones:  (5) 6 - 10 (varies by species)


Cyrtomium fortunei

Cyrtomium Description and Cultural Information

Cyrtomium falcatum, Japanese holly fern. 18 - 30". Glossy dark green fronds are 4 to 7" wide with horizontal pairs of pinnae (lateral leaflets) forming an upright, vase shaped crown. Zones 6 - 10.

Cyrtomium fortunei, Fortune's holly fern. 18 - 24". These holly ferns have erect fronds with thick, lance shaped leaves. It gets its name because the leaves slightly resemble the shape of holly, but the color of this species is much lighter green. They have naturalized in many parts of the southern United States but are also hardy in the north. Zones 5 - 10.

How to Grow:  Holly ferns grow best in average to rich, moist but well-drained soil in part to full shade. They grow from a central crown and are best propagated by spores. The crowns should be lightly covered after planting to help protect them from drying winds in the winter.

Landscape uses:  Plant these ferns with hostas, spring bulbs, bleeding hearts, Pulmonaria, Tiarella, Epimedium, and other woodland plants. The evergreen foliage adds a nice accent to the garden all year long.

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