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Are TC and OS the same?

Poll ended at Mar 22, 2006 9:40 am

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Postby hostarod » Mar 13, 2006 7:32 am

I voted yes on the voting for this question for this reason. If the AHS, TC Labs and all the hosta vendors that are selling them as a named plant call them by name then they must be or we have a large problem here. So lots of people must be buying mis-named plants. Hostarod
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Postby John » Mar 13, 2006 11:41 am

Well thought out reply, Chris, I think that is pretty definitive.

Kent, that might be a good new thread to start, 'Liberty' versus 'Sagae'.
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Postby Jamie » Mar 25, 2006 11:07 am

Thanks for replying all :D It's great to see all the opinions.

I should've worded the question better, but I was assuming that me asking if there's a difference inbetween OS and TC everyone would understand that it was gentics were talking about and not the processing of the OS.

I still believe that OS and TC are excatly the same and that's it's the chemicals in the growing medium that cause the genetics to alter, and create TC sports. TC is just a techincal term of propogating a plant..

You hit the nail right on the head about Liberty and Sagae being the same.. Then there's about 20 white centered sports of Elegans on the market now also.

THanks again for replying all :P
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Postby MikeWI » Mar 25, 2006 12:55 pm

I'm an OS junkie.....

For a few reasons.....

1) IF I get OS today of a plant chances are that it's only just going in to TC, so I'll have bigger plants first.

2) OS plants offer you ability to see exactly what you are getting at the moment u buy it.

----- why is this important to me?
.................Because not all plants produced from TC come true to type.

What does this mean to me.....? It means that the process of TC produces opportunity for sports.

As a bud of the plant is selected that bud sets the batch. So if the TC folks grab a bud that is in the process of sportin' or changin' in any way, be it streaked, or all green or what ever.... that sets that batch. So that batch may be similar to the parent but not same.

Why is this important to me..... There are always stories of plants that won't grow for some, that are weeker or stronger than others... that are slightly off type or noticablly different from parent. Chances are TC selection had something to do with this.

When I buy OS, I know exactly what the plant is going to look like. I know that the vigor should match the parent. I also know that my plant may sport on it's own, but I like that..... I can identify that as different as I've seen and own part of the mother clump.

So for any plant that is varigated it is important to obtain OS. If plant is solid in color, i'm not as concerned about TC vs. OS.

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Postby barbara » Mar 25, 2006 5:27 pm

Just reread this thread, and saw the mention of Sagae and Liberty being the same! Are you serious? I have a few Sagaes from different sources, planted in different locations, of various ages, but mostly 6 or7++ yrs. old, and have 1, no way are they the same! Or these eyes can't see it. If they're supposed to be the same plant , then I have a bunch of Sagaes that aren't or a Liberty that isn't!
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Postby diggindutchman » Mar 25, 2006 9:56 pm

Adding to the Sagae verses Liberty PP12531 there seems to be a difference in the pictures that the cataloges display. One calls Liberty a tettreploid version of Sagae, another calls it a probability of being a polyploid because it has thicker leaves than Sagae. Liberty has the same seasonal yellow margin fading to creamy-white late in the season. Now in the tc'ing of Liberty, Shady Oaks mentions that in younger plants it has wider and more dramatic margin compared to Sagae. So in discriptions there certainly is a difference. Planted side by side or after they have matured time will tell.
I agree with Chris in his observations on the tc vs os question. Take Guacamole, I purchased a Guacamole dark leaf form from one nursery,(it might be an improvement) some could call it Improved Guacamole, and then other variations come along like Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Bananas all variations of Guacamole. By growing young tc's you might have to wait up to three years to see the similarities of the OS plants.
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