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Postby Jaspersail » May 17, 2007 1:22 pm

Thanks, Renaldo. I had forgotten about the online registrar database! :D

I stand corrected on 'Arc de Triomphe' and 'Celestial'. It does look like they were registered as margined. It's strange that Ed's clumps of both at his house were streaked. Or maybe not since his aim was streaky breeders.

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It does say "pale yellow w/a medium green margin", but in the registration clump description it reads: "leaves are ovate with margin streaking to the midrib." The petioles and scapes are also described as "streaked." I have a few clumps of the streaky TWB and they do produce streaked seedlings.

There are many Elslager hostas being TC'd as we type, so his legacy will hit the market shortly. Not many hostas left his garden (except to Hansen, Zilis, and Wade) while he was alive, so they haven't been widely available.

Ed felt it was important to register his streaked breeders so the data would be recorded. Wouldn't it be great if every breeder accurately registered their breeder plants so you could easily track hosta lineages?!

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Postby renaldo75 » May 18, 2007 8:53 am

You're right, John - that would be excellent. I think at the same time a feature of the online registry should be a pic of the original plant that's been registered & the parents of each. Especially if they were unregistered 'breeders', but it would make a neat feature. I know something like that would make the written words come to life for me.

Another thing that I think should be a part of the registration form is a place to include the 'substance' of each hosta. Unless a comment about it is included in 'additional comments' that subject is never addressed. And for me, that's one of the most important pieces of info about a hosta.

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