Pic of the Day--Great Expectations

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Pic of the Day--Great Expectations

Postby Hank Zumach » Jan 26, 2008 11:14 am

Hi All--Great Expectations is probably the most aptly named hosta variety. The most successful growers "only" have to wait 3-5 years for this plant to finally start showing off its wonderful potential. Less successful growers may have to watch as the plant fades off to nothingness or just hangs on year after disappointing year. For those whose great expectations are fulfilled, Great Expectations is often regarded as the most beautiful of all hosta varieties. I purchased my plant in 1995 and waited, and waited, for about 5 years before it finally showed its glorious potential. In 2000 I moved it to a spot that gets about 3 hours of mid-day sun, from a spot that got 4-6 hours of afternoon sun. I don't know if the change of location was the cause of the plant going on a growth spurt. By 2001 its size was 49x26, and then it went 64x27, 61x24, 48x23, and 54x27. Zilis lists it at 58x29. The plant has never had slug damage. I am including my favorite photo of a leaf in the fall.

Registry - http://www.hostaregistrar.org/detail.ph ... pectations
MyHostas - http://www.myhostas.be/db/hostas/Great+Expectations
Hosta Library - http://www.hostalibrary.org/g/great.html

Great Expectations 6-24-02c 241.jpg

Great Expectations Leaf 10-10-03c 006.jpg
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Pic of the Day--Great Expectations



Postby zil1 » Jan 26, 2008 7:10 pm

Beautiful, Hank. I'm afraid this far south this one didn't do squat for me. :lol: Good to see that your baby lived up to "expectations".
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Postby party_music50 » Jan 27, 2008 9:23 am

That's a great looking plant and I LOVE the color in that autumn leave. I got my GE last year and kept it potted and it grew beautifully, so I unpotted it and plunged it into the veg garden to overwinter. :) I will probably repot it in spring... from everything I've read, I think it likes to have its roots "bound".

I'm surprised to hear that slugs don't like i!
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Postby newtohosta-no more » Jan 27, 2008 6:11 pm

So gorgeous, Hank! My GE is not yet living up to it's full potential. I expect to have to wait a year or two more. :???:
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Postby thy » Jan 27, 2008 8:08 pm

Beautiful but slow, never seen the red in the autum pic golden yellow here
One to get as a beginner--- in a good corner

Mine is stunning as yours - after 7 years
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