irises in DISTRESS

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irises in DISTRESS

Postby BLOOMS » Jul 17, 2015 7:56 am

HELP advise for caring for my irises

I planted iris bulbs in the early spring and was glad to see them growing,, but only a few flowers and now after extreme HOT spell,,, the stems turned yellow and some have died off.
I moved some into a shady spot and water regularly. So now what do i do,, will they bloom
the one with the stems or not? Should i remove the bulbs that no longer have stems
What do to?? HELPPPPP
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irises in DISTRESS



Re: irises in DISTRESS

Postby Chris_W » Jul 17, 2015 8:04 am

Do you know which Iris you have? If they were truly bulbs then they might be the Dutch Iris, and those will die back normally, so nothing to worry about there.

If they were bearded Iris, those also can get leaf issues after flowering season, and a lot of people trim back the Iris foliage to the clean parts in early summer and then really nice clean foliage grows back. But if you have bearded Iris you don't want those in the shade and you don't want to be watering them. They like sun, hot, and dry.

Let me know what type of Iris you have, was it really a bulb or is it a rhizome, and then I can give you better advise.

And welcome to the forums!

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Re: irises in DISTRESS

Postby BLOOMS » Jul 17, 2015 8:28 am

Hi there,
the irises are purple with yellow spot in center, i do believe it is the Dutch variety
Definitely not the bearded ones. and are bulb types.
I planted into containers and all was well till the HOT temps came 38C
and after that most of the stems went yellow.
The area faces west and gets late afternoon sun (2pm)

HOpe that gives you enough info

Thanks great to be part of forum
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