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Growing Cotton from Seeds Question....

PostPosted: Apr 15, 2005 11:27 am
by Jmiller_Kentucky
Hello Gardening Friends, I recently purchased 8 cotton seeds(Gossypium hirsutum) that my family is going to try and grow for fun.

The seeds came with no instructions on growing specifications, and I have been able to find very little about raising cotton.

I live in Western Kentucky where we have long growing seasons(Mid-April to Mid-November) and I have read that cotton takes an extremely long time to mature, almost 5 months !

Does anyone have any insight into growing cotton ?? :(

PostPosted: Apr 17, 2005 6:35 am
by newtohosta-no more
First of all...welcome to the forum! I am originally from Ky, but from the Eastern part of the state. I have tons of family still living all over KY.
I know nothing about growing cotton, but did a google search to see if I could find out anything. I found an Australia site, but it might be helpful to you....not sure...but thought I'd post it for you and you could check it out. :D

I hope someone else will pop on here and give you more info. I'm sure someone out there knows something about growing cotton! Good luck!! :D

PostPosted: Apr 18, 2005 8:58 am
by Jmiller_Kentucky
Hello, thanks for the info. It is starting to make more sense now, cotton loves sunshine, has a long growing season, and needs well drianed soil.
Yesterday I planted the seeds in "4-packs", the containers that small tomato plants are sold in. We actually had 30 seeds, and the kids are so excited. Not sure what we are going to do with the mature cotton, but it will be fun anyway.
By The Way, we are originally from Utah, and I love the freedom to be able to grow almost anything here in Kentucky ! We can put flower seeds out in the dirt and have flowers by June. That doesn't happen in Utah.

Take Care, Jason :D

PostPosted: Apr 18, 2005 9:41 am
by kHT
Welcome Jason, there is lots you can do with it once you get it to grow. We lived in TX where there was lots of fields of it some 18+ years ago. I was just stunned to see all the workers out there picking it in the hot sun! All I know is it was well draining soil and it was HOT!

PostPosted: Apr 20, 2005 7:07 am
by newtohosta-no more
Hope the kids have a blast with their cotton growing project. If you can, post a pic of the result later! We'd love to see it! :D

OT: Hostas

PostPosted: Apr 20, 2005 8:26 am
by Jmiller_Kentucky
Hi, I will sure post some pics come October/November when the cotton bolls open up.

This is a little off topic, but noticing your screen name made me think of something. 3 weeks ago I received 3 large clumps of hostas, the regular variegated kind. I "split" those 3 plants into about 30 smaller plants, and have placed them all over our yard in trouble spots. I guess they may not be very large this year, but next year they should fill in very nice.

I'll post some pics of those as well. Enjoy your gardening.

PostPosted: May 26, 2005 11:58 am
by Ginger
I know nothing about growing cotton, but I remember when I was young walking to school past a cotton field here in Oklahoma. I think you are right about the time frame they will be ready, because if I was walking to school and the cotton bolls were opening then it must have been September or October. I got a ride when it started getting cold.