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wood construction greenhouse input desired

PostPosted: Jan 05, 2006 4:40 pm
by PNWJudy
I am considering purchasing a lean-to wooden greenhouse and attaching it's open end to a corresponding open end of an enclosed narrow lean-to shed that we would build to fit.

The reason is partially-- available space and location up against a northeastern evergreen woodland.
Also I just need an enclosed workspace/ storage space in our rainy, reasonably mild, winter weather that does not need to have lots of glazing over that part of the greenhouse. We may also use part of an end of the shed area for our mini hen house.

It will be very close to our house and visible just out our back windows where we see the woodland.
Currently our hen house and run are there along with our bird feeders, bird shelters etc which we enjoy looking out at.

We also want the style of the structure to blend in with our house and the neighborhood.

I have looked at web sites for Sturdi-Built, Santa Barbara, and Cedarbuilt greenhouses.
Do you know of any other wooden greenhouse builders to consider?

There is a possibility that a dark green enamel frame might work/could be considered, if we can use some wooden framing to dress it up at the corners etc.-- has anyone seen anything like this?

Thank you very much for any help, ideas, pros and cons.