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My new lights.

PostPosted: Feb 05, 2006 8:40 pm
by Gruntfuttock
This year I have installed lights in the greenhouse and started 5 types of datura and Tepin chilli seeds which I've moved out of maternity and into the nursery propagator.

Strangely they are all doing well except Fleur de Lilac which are going a bit leggy.

I'm now trying all sorts of stuff in the maternity ropagator with a sheet of glass so I can put the light closer.

Unfortunately, Munchie has found a different use for the maternity propagator which doesn't help at all. The lid is off the nursary prop. to give them some air as it was warm in there today.


PostPosted: Feb 05, 2006 11:13 pm
by Justaysam
Funny you posted this pic, my cats are crazy for my light set up too. I thought it was for the fresh greens, and put up a barrier to keep them out, but now I see it could be the warmth they are after!

PostPosted: Feb 06, 2006 7:13 am
by newtohosta-no more
What an adorable pic! Cats are notorious for finding warm, snuggly places to curl up in and I see your furkid is not diffferent. :D Looks very comfy and I'm sure Munchie thinks you installed all that just for him. :wink: