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HELP!!!! Needed for boxwood cuttings

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2006 9:58 pm
by XavierDLC61887
Hello I need help in rooting boxwood cuttings my box wood isnt growing and cut it up into alot of pieces well i did it so hopefully it will generate new shoot but now i have a bunch of cutting and need help in rooting them its been 2 days since i did it and are in the fridge in water...currently still green well any help would be helpfull :-P um ok well thanks for stopping by and sorry for bothering...oh i have a picture of an attempt to root it Email me if u want the pic, also i have other pics of plants im currently growing and trying to grow so if your curius just email me or im in aim its Xavierdlc61887 or to email me


PostPosted: Apr 26, 2006 12:35 pm
by DryGulch
Sort of the wrong time...I usually try to work with the seasons to encourage the plant. Right now, I would assume your plant is in its hardword stage because of the season. I would use rooting hormone, and try to in perlite or sand in a refrigerator for a couple months...

I like to use soft wood or semi-soft wood cuttings taken in June from this years growth.


PostPosted: Apr 27, 2006 10:27 pm
by XavierDLC61887
so then i have to wait till next years growth :-P oh well ima still try them i dont have anything to lose and maybe some plants to gain...thanks for the info i will try that...but now i have to wait um well some of my cuttings are showing new growth so im guessing its a good thing. ok well again thanks for the info and i will take that into consideration :-D. ok well laters and take care