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Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: Jan 26, 2010 12:18 pm
by coloradogrower
My wife and I have been searching forever for a greenhouse that we can use in the mountains of Colorado to grow vegetables year round. We finally found the Juliana Premium greenhouse. It's great EXCEPT it will cost us over $5,000 to purchase! (not in this lifetime!).

We continued our search and found the exact same greenhouse design including 10mm twin wall polycarbonate panels, wider doors, the steel base was included and the roof vents (4) came with auto openers. It has a 10 year unconditional warranty on the entire greenhouse and it has a dark green powder coated aluminum frame. Attached to the base are vertical members that will inset into concrete footers which we like as it gets quite windy where we are. Amazingly it is only $2,035.00 Delivered. The only catch seems to be the delivery time which is the first week of March due to so many back orders. Well, if we can save about $3,000 we're willing to wait! Anyway, we don't want to start growing until March anyway.

If anyone would like their web address, just let us know. We checked the prices of raw materials used in the Juliana and it only comes up to around $1,400, so someone is making a lot of money at our expense. It's just absurd that they are selling that greenhouse for over $5,000. Anyway, just thought we'd share our experience. We're looking forward to our greenhouse and will post pics as soon as it arrives.

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: Feb 13, 2010 11:27 am
by CapeHorn
Hi, I am new to the forum, but saw your post and wanted to let you know that we searched all over and found Sunshine Greenhouses, built in Longview, WA. Ours is 4 years old, and we love it. We choose wood as it is better insulated for our cold climate here in the Columbia River Gorge so heat loss is minimal, easy to maintain, simple assembly, and does not get cold and sweat like metal or plastic framed greenhouses. Also, the cedar frame feels so cozy, especially sitting by the realistic electric fireplace, and it fits right into our rustic raised bed garden setting, too. Let me know if you need more information. I am developing a hosta display garden and now have 140+ varieties. Small by comparison to many collectors, but more hostas come to live here all the time. :D More photos of our greenhouses and gardens at

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: Feb 13, 2010 7:13 pm
by Chris_W
Welcome to the forums CapeHorn! What a beautiful spot you've created there. Look forward to seeing and hearing more about your gardens :)


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PostPosted: Apr 13, 2010 5:41 pm
by Lseven
Hi, I'm new here and don't want to hijack but think what I have to ask may add to this discussion.

I'm not looking to get 4 seasons but simply a jump start on our late springs or surprise late winter storms. My thought is to build a greenhouse with a 2' higher north wall and lower light transmitting south wall and sloped transmitting roof. I want to capture and store some of the sun's energy as we get lots of clear days and the coldest nights are the clear ones.

On the upper portion of the high north wall I thought I would paint it black and mount black water filled pipe weaving back and forth on it. The pipe would come from the ground and start on one side low and zig zag back and forth on the black sun exposed wall and then go down the other side from the top. The two ends of pipe would then split into several smaller pipes and be buried under clean 1 or 2" gravel. Obviously the thought being to capture the solar heat and transport it into this mass of rock/gravel where it could radiate back up from through the night.

I'm thinking this set up should provide natural convection and require no power to run a pump. Then it is just a matter of appropriate mass to provide heat through the night.

Anyone wish to talk me out of this lunacy or fine tune the idea for me. Glad to hear from all. Thanks

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: Jul 18, 2010 10:20 am
by eastwood2007
Loving this thread!

I don't know why greenhouse kits are so expensive. I guess they figure those of us who are nuts about gardening may just be...nuts!

I love the photos, and Capehorn, I especially love the photo of your greenhouse in the snow. May I ask what it typically costs you to heat per month with your fireplace? I have a 10x16 greenhouse that I keep my outdoor tropicals and annuals in overwinter. With the electric costs rising last year, I had one month where I think it was over $200 to heat it with little electric heaters. Hubby says no more of that! And I agree! Is there a thermostat on your fireplace? I've been unable to find a 110v thermostat to plug my heaters into.

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: Apr 30, 2011 5:48 pm
by thy
Welcome to the forums.

A Juliana Greenhouse is so expensive becaurse it is made in Denmark :D :lol:
I am suprised you can get one for the same amount of $ as it would cost here just 20 miles from the factory.

For one ´made by wood.. double the pri´ce and we can't even get one in an exelent quality.

Beautiful pics

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: May 02, 2011 12:18 pm
by kHT
Got to love the Gorge area!! :lol: But I prefer the valley floor north of Portland, much nicer! :lol: It appears you might be still getting snow up your way??

Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: May 02, 2011 5:45 pm
by viktoria
I have had a Juliana greenhouse since the mid 1990s. A few years ago I looked into getting another one but it was no longer available. "Affordable" it was not even the first time around but DH gave it to me for a college graduation present.


Re: Affordable 4 Season Greenhouse

PostPosted: May 03, 2011 5:32 pm
by thy
Sure Victoria, they are good and last for a long time with snow and storms, but prices are in the upper end even you talk about a normal aluminia colored one and normal glass.
I hav just ordered an other Danish one, Vitavia, a bit cheaper and I found a good offer :wink: .
I am rather sure they are the same or just an other name, the addy is so very close to Juliana, it is hard to think it can be an other factory. Haven't had one in 15 years and feeling like a newbe :roll: