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My Page: Janet D

Postby Soummer » Feb 01, 2005 8:21 pm

I have probably 40 or so varieties, but they are hopelessly scrambled, so I have no offical list. Ah well...

I'm in the process of growing some shade, but that will take a few good years. So I am looking for hosta sunlovers, like:

Fragrant Bouquet
Gold Regal
Regal Splendor
Rising Sun
Royal Standard
Summer Fragrance
Undulata Albomarginata

Here's a list of hosta's I've seen, and have been so impressed that I wanted them to have special mention in my want list:

Atom Smasher
Golden Arches
Leather Sheen
Niagra Falls
Praying Hands
Super Bowl

And these I'd like just because the name is cool:

Abba Alive (my brother loves that album!)
Carol (my sister)
Rascal (my cat)
Spartan Gem (Michigan team)
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My Page: Janet D



Postby Soummer » Feb 07, 2005 7:21 pm

My son has joined the USMC, delayed entry program. He leaves in July. I've been learning all I can about the Corp, USMC Boot Camp, etc. I think I'm more prepared than he is!


"My Hero"

02/12/05: today Nate had a "poolee" funtion (all the area DEPers get together and do Marine stuff, like shoot weapons or work out), the meal was provided. Turns out the meal was an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). You know, cold vacuum sealed meal in a pouch. Yuck.

He liked it! Loved it, I think. Actually SAID it was better than what he's been eating. Hope he's talking about school food and not my cooking!

03/12.05: Been checking out flights, hotels, rental cars in the event I am able to attend his Bootcamp graduation. I'm pleased with the results, but Nate is in sticker shock! Yes dear, real life does cost! The plan is to save a portion of my tax refund for the trip, and to call the trip "my annual vacation". :D This also puts a crimp in my landscaping plans... I daren't spend much until after the trip, just in case of this or that.... God forbid he should get injured while training, but if he does, I'll have to reschedule all my reservations and most likely pay a fee of some sort. (Won't be making those reservations until AFTER he passes the Crucible for that very reason.)

5/7/05 Nate is off on another Poolee function. This time, PI DI'S are coming to share a taste of bootcamp. LOL this should be gooooood!

Also, had something great happen, here's how I related it in another post:

One of the Landers sisters (Ann or Abby) would call a sweet person a "peach", and I think should would agree with me here.

I found a cross stitch item on ebay. It had the Middle East map, with the hotspot countries outlined and labled, and a cool fighter in the middle, flying right at you, with "United We Stand" blazing across the top. I started to bid on it, then realized that might not be a USMC aircraft...OMG what if it were like, Army or something???? HORROR!

LOL So I emailed the seller to see if she could determine what kind of aircraft it was. She replied that she had her FORMER MARINE fiance check it out, and he said it was a generic aircraft, and not to worry. I wrote back with my thanks, explaining that my son was joining the Marines, and I didn't want to make something that would get his butt kicked!

She wrote back and offered to GIVE ME the cross stitch kit as a "Thank you" to my son, with a "Semper Fi" from the fiance thrown in! I was so touched I just had to share this with you. It's not often we get any support about his decision... we are thrilled with this! I will be printing out our emails to put in TaterTots scrapbook :o)

I also went back to that seller's listings, and bid on a couple more things. This girl is getting my business! If anyone would like to see the item or check out the seller's profile (she has a sweet story) please email me and I'll send you the link.

July 15
He's in boot camp! Some kind soul sent me this picture... It's fuzzy, it's blurry, it's their backsides, but it's our boys in Alpha Company! OOORAH! ... july15.jpg

Have a lovely USMC day!
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