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My Page: Justme

Postby Justme » Jan 31, 2005 12:04 am

I am a Hosta Addict and will openly admit it! I was just looking for something to grow in the back side of my house, which only grew moss when we move to this house. Two summers later is became a obession, Now two summers after the start of the obession I have 100 named varities and not much shade left unplanted :wink:

I have been married 21 years, have two kids: Katie 14 yrs and Evan 7 years. We also have two cats, Missy 16 and she has Cancer. Then there is Tiger the fat cat. Dusty is a Shiz Shu (?), but thinks he is big and tough and wrestles with Evan. Oh, yes we also have a G. Pig, ask me sometime and I'll tell you the story about how he cost me $132 at the vet.

I used to be a graphic designer, have fine arts degree even! Got tired being broke, went back to school, (try nursing clinicals while pregnant/new baby!) Now I am an R.N. at a large teaching hospital helping to deliver babies.

When not growing hostas, I am addicted to Cross Stitching. I also sew, can crochette, paint, draw, want to learn woodworking and stainglass. Just made my first quilt!

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My Hosta List
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My Page: Justme



Postby Justme » May 07, 2005 7:12 pm

Angel Feathers ('04)
Abiqua Drinking Gourd ('02)
Alvatine Taylor ('02)
American Dream ('05, gift) RIP
Antioch ('04)
August Moon ('03) RIP
Birchwood Ruffled Queen ('02) RIP
Blue Angel x 2 ('01 and '02)
Blue Blazes (gift '04)
Blue Umbrellas x 2 ('02 and '04)
Bold Ruffles ('04) ?RIP?
Bressingham Blue ('03, gift)
Bridegroom ('04)
Cascades ('04) Can't find it
Cinnamon Sticks ('04)
Dancing in the Rain ('05) RIP
Dark Star ('04)
Delta Dawn ('04) ???
Diamond Tiara ('05, gift) ???
Diana Remembered ('04)
Dream Weaver ('04)
El Nino ('05)
Elator ('02)
Elisabeth ('03) RIP
Elgans ('03)
Elvis Lives ('03)
Emerald Necklace ('04)
Eskimo Pie ('05) RIP
Fire and Ice ('04)One even smaller leaf
Fragrant Bouquet ('02)
Francis Williams ('03)
Fried Bananas ('05) RIP
Fried Green Tomatoes ('03)
Fringe Benefit ('01) RIP
Garden Treasure ('04)
Geisha ('03)
Gin and Tonic ('04) Cant' find it
Ghost Spirit ('04)
Gold Standard ('00)
Golden Tiara ('03) RIP
Gray Cole ('03)
Great Expectations ('02) RIP
Guacamole ('03)
Guardian Angel ('03)
Gunsmoke ('05)
Gypse Rose ('05)
Halcyon ('02)
Hoosier Dome ('05) RIP
Hoosier Harmony ('02) RIP
Ice Age Trail ('05)
Inniswood ('03)
Invincible ('04, gift)
Janet Day ('03)
Jewel of the Nile ('04)
June ('02)
Katherine Lewis ('03)
Kikutii ('03)
Kiwi Black Magic ('04)
Komodo Dragon (OS) ('04) RIP
Krossa Regal ('02)
Lakeside Blue Jeans ('04, gift)
Lakeside Coalminer ('04)
Lakeside Dragonfly ('05)
Lakeside Looking Glass ('03, very small, one eye, gift)
Lakeside Maestro ('03. gift)
Lakeside San Kao ('03, gift)
Lakeside Surf Rider ('05) RIP
Lakeside Sapphire Pleats ('05) RIP
Lemon-Lime ('04, gift)
Liberty ('04)
Love Pat ('03)
Loyalist ('04) ???
Montana Aureomarginata ('05)
Moonlight Sonata ('03)
Morning Light ('03)
Neat Splash Rim ('04, gift)
Niagara Falls ('04) RIP
Night Before Christmas ('02)
On Stage ('04)
Osprey ('03)
Otome No Ka ('05, gift) RIP
Paradise Power ('03) RIP
Patriot ('03) One Eye
Paul's Glory ('02)
Pilgrim ('03)
Potomac Pride ('04)
Prince of Wales ('05)
Red October ('02)
Regal Splendor ('03)
Remember Me ('03)
Revolution ('03)
Robert Frost ('04) RIP
Royal Standard ('00)
Sagae ('02)
Savannah Supreme ('04, one eye, small, gift) RIP
Spilt Milk ('03)
Stained Glass ('04)
Striptease ('04, RIP)
Stilletto ('04, gift)
Sum and Substance ('02)
Summer Breeze ('03)
Summer Music ('04) RIP??
Sun Power x2 ('03) RIP
Sunshine Glory ('04)
Super Nova ('04)
Tattoo ('03, RIP)
Thunderbolt ('03)
Tokudama Aureonebulosa ('03)
Tokudama Flavocircinalis ('03)
Twinkles ('05, gift) RIP
Undulata ('00)
Ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' ('04, gift)
Whirlwind ('02)
White Christmas (RIP x 2!!)
Wolverine ('04)
yingers ('04)

I think this is everything.

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My Hosta List
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Congratulation on your second career.

Postby oldcoot » May 12, 2005 11:27 am

O.C.'s daughter finished Clemson (SC) with a degree in French and Political Science. A top student. Couln'd find a job (wanted to be an international Stewardess, but that was the years they started downsizing and going broke.Told her if she wanted to get another kind of job, get into the Medical Profession. To make a long story real short, she put her self through 2 years in Charleston, SC at the med school of South Carolina and got a degree in Physical Therapy.. Makes so much money now, it's indescent. BUT HEY, she did it on her own. Manages two Clinics in Rock Hill, S.C. and is really happy.....

We have a nice little family here, so join in ask questions and we'll certainly try to give you an answer, and PLEASE do post pictures of your thingies ! O.C./ LOVES pictures...

The usually FUNNY and always most FRIENDLY Old Coot named John, a Gardener for the Lord, saying thank YOU LORD for his good friends that share and for the nice rain that has made all his plants grow so well this year
There may be snow in the garden, but there will always be eternal springtime in the heart of this old gardner - Saying of Old Coot
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