Hosta of the Day #2 - White Fairy

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Hosta of the Day #2 - White Fairy

Postby redcrx » Nov 17, 2014 12:11 pm

This is an update of a topic Victoria did in 2007. That post has a really nice flower photo of White Fairy - mine has never flowered. That post was mixed in with a Venus and Aphrodite topic so I'm not adding my photos to that one - just making it a separate topic.

Here is that previous topic - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=46375#p406998

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White Fairy in the 2012 season

That's Liberty at the top and Faith on the right.
1White Fairy 12 01939zbz40-6-2.jpg

Here is the group setting. White Fairy is on the right side. plantaginea dominates in the middle with Faith in the top-right corner. That's Liberty at the bottom with a small Maraschino Cherry to its left. At the top is a Captain Kirk.
2Liberty 12 02974zb15z99-6-19.jpg

White Fairy in the 2014 season

That's Liberty at the top, Faith on the right, and Orange Marmalade on the bottom.
3White Fairy 14 05549zb-5-27.jpg

Here is the group setting again. Faith is in the middle with White Fairy on its left. Orange Marmalade is on the bottom, High Society on the right, Fire Island is above on the right edge. Liberty is on the left edge with plantaginea to its right followed by Captain Kirk (or just above Faith). The little one to the right and above Captain Kirk is a Captain's Adventure but it's too small to matter.
4scene Faith 14 05549zb2z48-5-27.jpg

Late in the season
5White Fairy 14 00473zb54-9-3.jpg
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Hosta of the Day #2 - White Fairy



Re: Hosta of the Day #2 - White Fairy

Postby tsbccowboy » Jan 30, 2015 8:31 pm

Here are a couple of White Fairy flower photos.

plantaginea White Fairy 'Yu Lei'

plantaginea 'Yu Lei' White Fairy
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