Hosta List

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Hosta List

Postby pretends_to_garden » Jul 25, 2007 3:19 pm

My list is not very long. I am a newbie!

Aureomarginata ventricosa

columbus circle

dark star
diamond tiara

grand tiara


maraschino cherry-2

pauls glory

spilt milk
stained glass
sugar and cream
summer breeze

whirling dervish


And I also have a vase shaped dark green one with fragrant flowers that I got from my sister's yard.
And my neighbor gave me a vase shaped blue one.

My wish list is really, really small. The only two that I would really like to replace would be Blue Mouse Ears and Sagae!! Those two bit the dust 2 winters ago. :(
Any small/mini ones would be GREAT!
Also.....anything with fragrant flowers! LOVE the smell of those hosta flowers!
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Hosta List



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