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Alchemilla (al-keh-MILL-uh)

Common Name:  Lady's mantle

Light:  - Light sun to full shade

Soil:  Rich, moist soil (clay tolerant)

Moisture:  Consistently moist

Blooms:  Summer

Zones:  3 - 7


Alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla Description and Cultural Information

Alchemilla mollis, lady's mantle. 12". Lady's mantle is a beautiful, mounding plant with downy, pale-green leaves. The airy yellow flowers make a nice display in June. Plants are tolerant of many soil types but do not like high heat.

How to Grow:  Plant lady's mantle in rich, moist soil in sun or shade. If summer temps are high, grow in partial to full shade or at a north-side planting site. Plants will tolerate poor soil if provided adequate moisture. Space plants about 2' apart as they grow quickly. Lady's mantle often self-seeds and is best planted as a ground cover or in masses.

Landscape uses:  Grow lady's mantle as much for its unique foliage as its soft yellow flowers. Plant it at the edge of the garden with hardy geraniums, hostas, or dwarf Astilbe. Combine with Siberian Iris, ferns, Ligularia and astilbes, or use as a groundcover in moist gardens under trees and shrubs.

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