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Anaphalis (uh-NAFF-uh-liss)

Common Name:  Pearly everlasting

Light:  - Moderate sun to light shade

Soil:  Rich, moist but well-drained

Moisture:  Average to somewhat moist

Blooms:  Autumn

Zones:  3 - 8

Anaphalis margaritacea

Anaphalis Description and Cultural Information

Anaphalis margaritacea, pearly everlasting. 1 - 3'. This Eastern North America native has woolly gray-white leaves and papery white flowers atop tall stems. They grow from underground runners that spread to form dense clumps.

How to Grow:  Plant pearly everlasting in average to rich, evenly moist soil in sun or part shade where they will spread underground by runners to form a dense colony. Plants tend to droop and look bad if they dry out too much, so keep them evenly moist while actively growing for best performance. Divide in spring or fall, or propagate by cuttings in early summer. The white flowers are excellent in fresh or dried arrangements.

Landscape Uses:  Pearly everlasting adds a wonderful gray foliage contrast to the moist garden and they look great with other fall blooming plants such as Japanese Anemones and Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.

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