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Anthemis (AN-the-miss)

Common Name:  Marguerite

Light:  - Full sun to part sun

Soil:  Average, well-drained

Moisture:  Average to dry

Blooms:  Summer

Zones:  3 - 8

Anthemis tinctoria

Anthemis Description and Cultural Information

Anthemis tinctoria, golden marguerite. 18" - 30". These summer blooming plants produce a profusion of yellow flowers high above deep green, feathery foliage. Plants may need staking or support from nearby companions. 'Kelwayi' is a popular yellow variety. 'E.C. Buxton' is a pale yellow to white variety with a bright yellow center.

How to Grow:  Marguerites prefer ordinary to poor, well-drained soil in full sun. If planted in soil that is too rich the flowers will spend most of their time sprawled on the ground. Cut plants back to the ground as the flowers begin to fade to encourage new foliage and a second burst of blooms.

Landscape uses:  Anthemis is a good choice for dry, sunny spots. The bright yellow flowers bloom for over 2 months and look great with purple Salvia, Geraniums, lavender, or balloon flowers (Platycodon).

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