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Belamcanda (bell-am-CAN-duh)

Common Name:  Blackberry lily

Light:  - Full sun to part sun

Soil:  Average to loamy, well-drained

Moisture:  Average to dry

Blooms:  Summer

Zones:  4 - 10


Belamcanda chinensis

Belamcanda 'Hello Yellow'

Belamcanda Description and Cultural Information

Belamcanda chinensis, blackberry lily. 2' - 4'. These plants have small, bright-orange flowers above blue-green, iris-like foliage. Although each flower lasts just one day they are followed by many more over several weeks. When the seed capsules ripen and dry they open to reveal black seeds resembling large blackberries. The cultivar 'Hello Yellow' is a compact grower to 18" high with golden yellow flowers.

How to Grow:  Belamcanda prefers average to rich, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. Plants divide easily in spring or late summer plus plants often self sow so seedlings are very common. If fungul or bacterial leaf spot become a problem, trim off affected foliage, treat with a fungicide, and consider moving plants to a location with more sun and better drainage.

Landscape uses:  Blackberry lilies look great with other summer blooming plants such as baby's breath (Gypsophila), Liatris, daisies, lilies, and daylilies. The black seed pods are attractive in late summer and fall.

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