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Darmera (DAR-mer-uh)

Common Name:  Umbrella plant

Light:  - Part sun to full shade

Soil:  Humus-rich, consistently moist to boggy

Moisture:  Constantly moist to wet

Blooms:  Early spring

Zones:  5 - 7

Darmera Description and Cultural Information

Darmera peltata (formerly Peltiphyllum peltatum), umbrella plant. 30 - 36" (5 - 6' in the wild). Darmera is a shrub-like perennial grown predominently for its large, umbrella-like, light green, round, lobed leaves which can reach 24" across. The light pinkish-white blooms rise on thick stalks in early spring before the foliage emerges and the foliage turns bronze-gold in the fall.

How to Grow:  Darmera is an excellent specimen plant for the shaded bog garden, or along streams and other water features. It requires rich, consistently moist soil to grow even close to its potential. Some morning sun is beneficial but in the South shade is essential to prevent heat stress. They grow from a rhizome that creeps just below the soil and benefits from a light covering of mulch over the winter to prevent them from drying out too much. Foliar nematodes can be a problem and many plants in commerce are infected with them, causing brown spots to appear in late summer even when the plants are grown well.

Landscape uses:  Plant Darmera with ferns, hostas, Pulmonaria, Ligularia, Lobelia, Rodgersia and other moisture loving shade plants.

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