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Gaillardia (gah-LARD-ee-uh)

Common Name:  Blanket flower, goblin daisy

Light:  - Full sun to part sun

Soil:  Average to loamy, well-drained

Moisture:  Little moisture, very drought tolerant

Blooms:  Summer

Zones:  3 - 8 (9)

Gaillardia 'Fanfare' PP#15892

Gaillardia 'Goblin'

Gaillardia Description and Cultural Information

Gaillardia x grandiflora, blanket flower. 2' - 3'. Most Gaillardia plants are crosses between the annual G. pulchella and the perennial G. aristata, both native to the United States. These hybrids are popular plants with daisy-like flowers in various combinations of orange, red, and yellow that bloom from summer to frost. 'Goblin' is a 12 - 18" dwarf that is great as an edging plant. 'Golden Gobin' is an all yellow dwarf. 'Burgundy' has large, wine-red flowers on tall plants. The variety 'Fanfare' PP#15892 has unusual fluted flowers that you will either love or hate. 'Oranges and Lemons' PPAF is an attractive soft peach and yellow colored hybrid that looks great with purple colored companion plants. 'Amber Wheels' is a pretty plant with fringed yellow petals that surround an amber-red center.

How to grow:  Plant blanket flowers in average, well-drained soil in full sun to part sun where it is relatively dry. They will grow in poor soil but will be very short lived if they get too wet, especially in winter, so only choose well-drained locations that dry out quickly in the spring. Other than that they are salt, heat, and drought tolerant. Blanket flowers grown in soil that is too rich may flop over but can be trimmed back to encourage more compact growth. Divide plants every couple years to keep them vigorous and although plants self sow readily they are easily transplanted.

Landscape uses:  Use long blooming blanket flower in the cottage garden with shasta daisies, Coreopsis, yarrows, coneflower, Liatris, Salvia, hardy Geranium, Perovskia (Russian sage), Sedum, and other drought tolerant perennial plants.

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