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Lamiastrum (lay-me-AS-trum)

Common Name:  Yellow archangel, false lamium

Light:  - Part shade to full shade

Soil:  Average to rich, well-drained

Moisture:  Average, drought tolerant

Blooms:  Early summer

Zones:  4 - 9


Lamiastrum 'Herman's Pride'

Lamiastrum 'Silver Spangled'

Lamiastrum Description and Cultural Information

Lamiastrum galeobdolon, yellow archangel. 8 - 14". Yellow archangel is a fast-creeping groundcover that grows from underground runners as well as above ground stems. It has diamond shaped leaves with silver markings and all forms are covered with pale yellow flowers in the spring. 'Variegatum' has silver edges on the foliage. 'Herman's Pride' is a very nice clump forming variety. 'Silver Spangled' is a slow spreading selection with green veins on bright silver leaves.

How to Grow:  Yellow archangel is quite easy to grow. It prefers average to rich, well-drained soil in part to full shade. It will even tolerate dry shade and some root competition. The species spreads quickly so may need regular trimming to keep it out of unwanted areas.

Landscape uses:  Use Lamiastrum in difficult spots like dry shade, or use 'Herman's Pride' in a small group as an accent in the shade garden. Bulbs, wildflowers, hostas and ferns make nice companions since they grow easily through the spreading stems.

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