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Yucca (YUK-uh)

Common Name:  Yucca, Adam's needle

Light:  - Full sun to part sun

Soil:  Average to loamy, well-drained

Moisture:  Average to dry

Blooms:  Summer

Zones:  4 - 10


Yucca filamentosa

Yucca f. 'Color Guard'

Yucca Description and Cultural Information

Yucca filamentosa, Adam's needle. 5'. Yuccas are bold, shrub-like perennials with stiff gray green, sword-shaped foliage radiating out from the center of the clump with thread-like filaments along the margin. Tall flower stalks arise in mid to late summer carrying creamy white, bell shaped flowers. 'Bright Edge' grows about 3' tall with green foliage edged with creamy-yellow. 'Color Guard' is slightly slow growing and a bit more compact with white and cream foliage edged with green.

How to Grow:  Plant yuccas in average, sandy to loamy, well-drained soil in full sun. In Northern states grow plants in as much hot sun as possible for the best chance of blooms plus plants may bloom late or not at all during cool summers. Divide offsets or dig root tubers to propagate new plants, plus self-sown seedlings are common. The foliage is evergreen but can be cut to the ground to clean them up over the winter, if needed, and they will sprout all new leaves.

Landscape uses:  Use yuccas in the hot, dry garden with other drought tolerant perennials such as butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), yarrow, Echinops, Perovskia (Russian sage), Belamcanda (blackberry lily), Veronica, Sedum and tall-bearded iris. They also make a nice accent with shrubs and ornamental grasses. Yucca plants also don't mind heat and look great with a stone mulch.

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